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Exploration & Environmental Geochemistry
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Site Remediation & Regulatory Compliance
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Company Services

Hy-Grade Geoscience is a Canadian environmental and earth science consulting company based in Nova Scotia. The company was established in 1996 to provide expert and technical advisory and consulting services specializing in geoscience, project management and project field supervision.

Geological - Mining Related Exploration, Feasibility and Development

  • Underground MappingEnvironmental permitting and project registration (Federal and Provincial)

  • EIA project management (specialist consultants, e.g. marine and terrestrial biology, socio-economic evaluations, archaeological assessment, etc.)

  • Public and regulatory notification and consultation

  • Preparation of support documents for regulatory permits and approvals as well as submission of Qualified Person (QP) reports and documentation

  • Drill program development (fluid selection and management, casing and cement, core handling, sample preparation)

  • Drill contractor selection, contract preparation and management

  • Geo MappingDrill site environmental baseline studies, waste management, site restoration

  • Exploration program and drill site supervision, specific program development, contract development and supervision, geological, geophysical and geochemical evaluation, report preparation and submission

  • Air-borne, surface and downhole geophysical programs (EM, radar, gravity, 2-D and 3-D seismic) development, implementation, supervision and reporting

  • Client / Regulator assistance - contact and liaison

  • Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) assessment, mitigation planning, monitoring and compliance testing

  • Exploration program and industrial / commercial development closure planning and reclamation management

Environmental Geoscience - Site Assessment, Remediation, Compliance

  • Marine TerminalMarine spill response (designated support services for planning, regulatory consultation, site operations, logistics, occupational health and safety)

  • Phase I-IV environmental site assessments

  • Preparation and submission of Environmental Site Professional documents including the preparation of Notification Reports, Remedial Action Plans (RAP), and Compliance Certificates, etc.

  • Remedial action planning including innovative technologies such as:
    o product containment, recovery, treatment and disposal
    Miningo site, operations and facility management
    o soil vapour extraction and volatilization
    o groundwater extraction / diversion / recovery
    o groundwater pump and treat systems
    o air stripping and carbon adsorption
    o air sparging
    o in-situ and ex-situ, enhanced natural attenuation and bioremediation
    o phytoremediation
    o bioreactors
    o vapour enhanced recovery / vacuum extraction (bioslurping)
    o in-situ and ex-situ soil and water recovery, treatment and disposal
    o stabilization / solidification / fixation / encapsulation / reactive barriers

  • Management of hazardous building materials surveys (asbestos, vermiculite, PCB, lead, mercury, ozone depleting substances, etc.)

  • Management of indoor air quality and mould assessments, remedial planning, contract management and Assessmentcompliance reporting

  • Peer review, technical advisory services, due diligence evaluation and expert testimony relative to environmental assessment reports, remedial plans and compliance documents

  • Environmental program development, contract specifications and planning, contractor selection and contract supervision

  • Industrial / commercial site decommissioning planning, contracts and management

  • Underground and above ground storage tank management (inspection, compliance, permitting, etc.)

  • Human health and ecological risk evaluation and assessment, risk-based corrective action (RBCA) assessment, cumulative effects evaluation

  • Environmental investigation training courses

  • Health and Safety / Environmental Protection planning

Hydrogeology - Contaminant Assessment and Resource Development

  • Air / soil / surface water / groundwater / sediment contaminant baseline studies, impact assessment, remediation, monitoring and compliance testing

  • Water WellGeothermal and potable water supply exploration and development, ranging from small diameter piezometers to large diameter production wells

  • Aquifer testing, yield determination, water quality studies

  • Production well and well field design and construction supervision

  • Environmental effects program development, monitoring and reporting

  • Contaminant fate, transport and attenuation hydrogeological modeling

  • Water WellGeophysical assessment program development, supervision and evaluation

  • Facility monitoring and plume delineation

  • Peer review, technical advisory services and expert testimony

  • Residential and commercial pre-blast well and foundation surveys

  • Public and regulatory notification, consultation and permitting