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Phase II

A Phase II ESA, as defined by the Canadian Ministers of the Environment (CCME) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), is different than a Phase I ESA in that it involves intrusive testing of materials, air, soil, surface water and groundwater, to identify and/or confirm the presence or absence of adverse environmental impact. The key to an effective and accurate Phase II ESA investigation is the collection of representative samples and the preparation of defensible conclusions by experienced professional and technical staff.

Phase II DrillHy-Grade Geoscience has completed hundreds of Phased Environmental Site Assessments, from initial assessment or emergency response to site remediation and regulatory compliance. Our clients include major petroleum companies as well as industrial, commercial and residential clients, financial institutions and federal, provincial, and municipal agencies.

The Phase II ESA identifies site-specific "constituents of concern", representative samples are obtained and submitted to accredited laboratories for detailed analysis. The analytical data are compared to the applicable federal, provincial or municipal regulatory criteria. The components of a Phase II ESA are:

  • A Phase II ESA is undertaken if a Phase I ESA determines there is a potential environmental risk on a property or if a spill or release is known or suspected.

  • The Phase II ESA investigates surface and sub-surface impact and provides a characterization of the site conditions to determine if further assessment and/or remedial work is required.

  • Phase II Drill LogThe investigation can include the collection of soil, surface water, sediment and groundwater sampling. Geophysical surveys and soil vapour surveys to identify buried infrastructure and/or contaminant plumes may also be used. The investigation may include a Hazardous Materials Survey of buildings or structures.

  • Representative samples are obtained from structures, test pits, grab samples, boreholes and/or monitor wells. The number, the location and the specifications of the sample sites are determined by the site conditions and in consultation with the client.

  • Prior to any sub-surface investigation, the locations of underground utilities and services are investigated and confirmed.

  • Constituents of concern are identified, sampled, analyzed and the laboratory results are compared to the applicable regulatory standards. If the Phase II ESA identifies adverse environmental impact in excess of the applicable regulatory guidelines, additional assessment (e.g. Phase III ESA, qualitative or quantitative risk assessment), and/or remedial work may be required.

Hy-Grade Geoscience conducts all Phase II ESA work with a strict adherence to Health and Safety as well as Environmental Protection procedures to protect staff, contractors and the subject site, including the management of impacted drill cuttings, wash water, dust and noise, etc.