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Key Projects

Environmental Projects

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Newfoundland
A total of 32 preliminary environmental site inspections were completed in succession at active, out-of-service and decommissioned petroleum bulk plants, marine terminals and a former refinery located in Newfoundland. The work involved a thorough site inspection, development and completion of a field checklist, preparation of site plans, interviews and photographs. Inspection reports were prepared for each site and Phase II environmental site assessments as well as site remediation, monitoring and compliance work was subsequently undertaken at several locations.

Site Assessment and Remediation, Lewisporte, Nfld.
Site assessment, remediation and regulatory compliance work was completed at a former marine distribution terminal located in the downtown area. A total of 3,750 m3 of hydrocarbon impacted soil was defined, recovered and transported off-site for disposal.

Site Assessment, Remediation and Compliance, Dartmouth, N.S.
As part of the site decommissioning process, a site assessment and remediation program was completed at an eight hectare, former marine terminal. The remediation program included bioremediation of approximately 152,000 m3 of hydrocarbon impacted soil, as well as control, treatment and monitoring of surface and groundwater. Regulatory compliance was demonstrated at the site and a real estate transaction on a portion of the subject property has been completed. The remainder of the property has been released for sale.

A Phase I & II ESA was completed on the associated pipeline, water lot and dock facility of the former terminal. A site remediation program was undertaken, including treatment of soil and groundwater. Regulatory compliance was demonstrated and transfer of the property lease has been completed.

Site Assessment, Monitoring and Materials Management, Eastern Passage, N.S.
As part of the ongoing operations at a former petroleum refinery site, environmental monitoring of surface water, effluent discharge water and groundwater was undertaken. Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil in the tank bottom sludge disposal area (approximately 90,000 m3 at up to 18,000 mg/Kg TPH) was initiated and a 40% reduction in TPH levels was demonstrated in the first year. A complete inventory of waste materials, including sampling and analysis of unknowns, was completed. Waste material handling, management and disposal included; waste oil, PCB's, asbestos, caustic liquids and solids, laboratory waste, tank bottom sludges, and unknown materials (liquids and solids).

Service Station Site Assessment, Remediation and Compliance, Various Locations
Site assessment, remediation and compliance projects have been undertaken at locations including Barrington Passage, Berwick, Amherst, Truro, New Minas, Barton, Tusket, Wileville, Pugwash, Oxford, Sydney, Fall River, Bedford, Halifax, Glenholme, New Glasgow, Shelbourne, etc. These projects included testpit and borehole assessment, determination of on-site and off-site impact, as well as remediation of soil and groundwater, monitoring and compliance testing.

Bulk Petroleum Facility Site Assessment, Remediation and Compliance, Various locations
As part of the decommissioning process at several bulk petroleum storage and distribution facilities, environmental site assessment, remediation and compliance projects were undertaken. (Truro, Stellarton, St. Peter's, Inverness, North Sydney, Elmsdale, Bridgewater, Kentville, Yarmouth and Shelburne.)

As part of the facility upgrading process, site assessment, remediation and compliance projects were undertaken at operating locations. (Bridgewater, Yarmouth, Digby, Amherst, Pt. Hawkesbury, Sydney, Pt. Clyde, Milford and New Glasgow.)

Residential Site Assessment, Remediation and Compliance, Halifax, N.S.
On behalf of an insurance company contractor, an environmental site assessment was completed to determine the extent of impact by furnace oil at a residential property. Soil and water samples were obtained (below and adjacent to the residence) to document the site conditions and develop a site remediation plan.
The in-situ remediation program was implemented by the contractor. The progress of the remedial work was monitored by detailed sampling and laboratory analysis. Compliance with NSDOE criteria was demonstrated and the property was released by the insurance company.

Residential Site Assessment, Client Representative, Dartmouth, N.S.
Client representative and technical advisor to a homeowner, in discussions with insurance company adjusters, consultants, regulators and a purchaser, during the assessment and remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soil adjacent to a domestic, underground furnace oil tank. The environmental site assessment and remediation work was completed, and the property transaction was finalized.

Industrial Park Phase I & II ESA, Minto, N.B.
Completion of a Phase I ESA on a former industrial facility prior to lease closure and sale of the property. Contracting and supervision of the decommissioning of an industrial boiler and petroleum storage tanks. Phase II ESA to quantify the presence and/or extent of environmental impact. Preparation and implementation of a Remedial Action Plan for the recovery and disposal of hydrocarbon impacted soil, closure and compliance testing as well as report preparation.

Residential Site Inspection, Halifax, N.S.
On behalf of the potential purchaser, an environmental site inspection (modified Phase I ESA) was completed to determine potential liabilities associated with the purchase and demolition of a residential building.< /p>

Industrial Park Phase I & II ESA, Dartmouth, N.S.
Completion of a Phase I & II ESA on an eight acre industrial facility, on behalf of the potential purchaser. The scope of the ESA work was to satisfy the requirements of the bank and to obtain financing for the purchase. Former and current site activities included freight handling, vehicle maintenance and metal fabrication. Environmental impacts were identified and a management program satisfactory to the purchaser, the bank and the NSDOE was developed and accepted. Financing of the property transaction was approved and the sale was completed.

Retail Shopping Mall Properties I & II ESA; Dartmouth & Bridgewater, N.S.; St. Basil & St. John, N.B.; St. John's, Newfoundland.
Completion of Phase I & II ESA's on operating shopping mall facilities, including the collection of representative soil and groundwater samples from below the floors of the buildings. The work was completed as part of the re-financing of the properties..

Phase I & II ESA, Janeway Children's Hospital, St. John's, Newfoundland.
Set up and on-site project work for a geophysical survey to identify underground equipment, services and facilities. Set up and site supervision of the Phase II ESA drilling and sampling protocol. Evaluation of analytical data and preparation of recommendations for Phase III ESA.

Waste Characterization, Evaluation & Management, Dartmouth, N.S.
Characterization of waste material from an engine and equipment maintenance and repair facility. The material is generated as a residue from industrial cleaning equipment. The metals and hydrocarbon content was determined, the waste was classified and a management plan was developed for handling and disposal.

Tankage Upgrades, Multi-Unit Residential Properties, Halifax, N.S.
Underground storage tanks were identified during Phase I ESA investigations on two adjacent properties. The tanks were recovered, the areas were evaluated and above ground tanks were installed. One property was in compliance with NSDOE requirements. A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the second property was prepared and approved by the property owner, the financial institution and the regulator. The plan includes passive vapour extraction (VES) as well as bioremediation, monitoring and compliance testing.

Site Assessment, Remediation & Monitoring, Halifax, N.S.
Hydrocarbon (TPH and PAH) impact to the soil and water was identified during a Phase II ESA undertaken at a downtown property. A site management/remedial action plan, including the in-situ bioremediation of the TPH & PAH impact and monitoring of the effectiveness was prepared for review and acceptance by the vendor, the purchaser and the regulator. The plan was approved by all parties, the sale was completed.

Technical Advisory Services, Tenant Space Management, Halifax - Dartmouth, N.S.
Annual site visits and interviews with site/facility managers to identify and evaluate potential regulatory compliance and "best practice" issues.