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Exploration & Environmental Geochemistry
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Exploration & Environmental Geochemistry

y-Grade Geoscience professional and technical staff is experienced in using geochemical sampling and analysis methods for mineral exploration projects as well as environmental assessment, monitoring and compliance projects. Staff capabilities include both organic and inorganic chemistry and range from design and implementation of aqueous, sediment, and soil geochemical surveys to evaluating the adverse environmental impacts to surface water, groundwater, and terrestrial resources.

Our project capabilities and areas of expertise includes:

  • Core SampleEvaluation and interpretation of analytical data collected from soil, sediment, rock, water and vegetation samples.

  • Resourceful field sampling methods and analytical laboratory data acquisition methods.

  • Implementation of proper quality control measures in the field and laboratory to ensure appropriate accuracy and precision.

  • Application of statistical evaluation techniques to determine geochemical background characterization, threshold selection and anomaly recognition for cumulative frequency data.

  • Application of univariate and bivariate statistical data screening procedures.

  • Design and execution of geochemical surveys in glaciated terranes, and interpretation of complex glacial depositional processes and sedimentary deposits.

  • Integration of geochemical data with geological and geophysical data to better assess and define areas of concern.

Our staff has experience with the mineralogy and chemical characteristics of base metal, industrial mineral and mineral fuel ore deposits and the associated chemical and physical dispersion controls such as water-rock interactions, weathering, diagenesis, hydrothermalism, natural precipitation barriers, solubility and sorption.