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Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 1 Air PhotoAn Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is undertaken as a systematic, phased process, as defined by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME), with well defined objectives. Further, it must meet the requirements of the Nova Scotia Environment, Contaminated Sites Regulations and Protocols. The industry standard practice for undertaking Phase I and II ESA projects is outlined in the Geoscience Professional Practice Guideline for Conducting Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Assessments in Nova Scotia, published by Geoscientists Nova Scotia.

  • Phase I ESA is a non-intrusive, desk-top type study, undertaken to determine if there is potential for adverse environmental impact on the subject property.

  • Phase II ESA, is different from a Phase I ESA in that it is to explore, determine or confirm the actual presence or absence of adverse environmental impact in excess or regulatory criteria.

  • Phase III ESA is undertaken, if required, to evaluate the extent of the adverse environmental impact and to acquire sufficient data for the preparation of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

  • Phase IV is the development of feasible remedial options (including time frame and costs) for consultation and approval by the client. The approved Remedial Action Plan is submitted to the regulator for comment. The remedial options must include consideration of physical/chemical limitations, construction requirements, environmental as well as health and safety implications, regulatory approval and public perception. This phase also includes the preparation of contract and equipment specifications.

  • Phase V of the ESA process is the implementation of the approved Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

  • Phase VI of the ESA includes reporting of the remedial work, monitoring, compliance testing and preparation of compliance documents (e.g. Certificate of Compliance or Record of Site Condition (RSC) or the Declaration of Property Condition (DPC)) as required by the NSE Contaminated Sites Regulations and Protocols.